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Previous studies have implicated glutamine synthetase (L-glutamate:ammonia ligase [adenosine diphosphate for-ing], EC as a major controlling element of the nitrogen fixation (nif) genes in Klebsiella pneumoniae. We report here the isolation of a new class of K. pneumoniae mutants which exhibit altered patterns of nif and hut (histidine utlization)(More)
Strip-till has been used at a large scale in east central Kansas as an alternative to earlier planting dates under a no-till system. To determine the effects of planting corn (Zea mays) under previously established strip-tilled fertilized rows, experiments were conducted on an Osage silty clay loam soil in 2006 and 2008 and on a Woodson silt loam soil in(More)
  • Philip Gassman, Georgie Mitchell, Manuel Reyes, K C Abbaspour, J Yang, I Maximov +19 others
  • 2007
and R. Srinivasan. 2006. Modelling hydrology and water quality in the pre-alpine/alpine Thur watershed using SWAT. watershed management practices using a genetic algorithm. Water Resour. Res. A probabilistic approach for analysis of uncertainty in the evaluation of watershed management practices. J. subdivision on modeling the effectiveness of best(More)
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