Keitaro Uehara

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New app1ication.a support cooperative work of users on. distributed computers often share perai9ten.t data atru.cturea that con,tain poinders. For th.eae ap-p1ication.a. th,e un.derlyin,g system, often wea th,e " page aenler " arch,itecture. in which th,e persistent data are ah.ipped from th.e server on a page basis, ad clients cache th,e pagea for(More)
In cooperative applications such as group CAD and group software development systems, multiple processes communicate with each other by sharing complex data structures consisting of nested structures and pointers. Although the sharing of complex data structures in the distributed environment is achieved through the technology of distributed shared memory, a(More)
Datacenters are now widely used, and their sizes are increasing due to the rapid spread of cloud computing. Meanwhile, the cost of IT-system operations occupies 60% of the total cost in a datacenter. So far, improving operations has been focused on automating operations with operation management middleware. However, designing operational procedures,(More)
In persistent object storage, one of the most influential overheads at application runtime is caused by the conversion of pointers for transparency among variously represented pointers. Em'sting systems require some representations of pointers, which causes conversion of pointers and runtime overheads, because of the limitation of 3%bit processors' virtual(More)
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