Keitaro Kadono

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To verify the availability of pharmacokinetic parameters in cynomolgus monkeys, hepatic availability (Fh) and the fraction absorbed multiplied by intestinal availability (FaFg) were evaluated to determine their contributions to absolute bioavailability (F) after intravenous and oral administrations. These results were compared with those for humans using 13(More)
We investigated whether the effects of intestinal glucuronidation on the first-pass effect can be predicted from in vitro data for UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) substrates. Human in vitro intrinsic glucuronidation clearance (CL(int, UGT)) for 11 UGT substrates was evaluated using pooled intestinal microsomes (4.00-4620 μl · min⁻¹ · mg⁻¹) and corrected(More)
We present the first observation of a prominent quasiparticle peak in the photoemission spectrum of the metallic phase of V2O3 and report new spectral calculations that combine the local-density approximation with the dynamical mean-field theory (using quantum Monte Carlo simulations) to show the development of such a distinct peak with decreasing(More)
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