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In this paper, we present the experimental results and evaluation of the Smart Box stimulation device for elearning and medical applications in a P2P system which is based on JXTA-Overlay. The Smart Box is integrated with our P2P system as a useful tool for monitoring and controlling learners or patients activities. We found by experimental results that by(More)
This work is motivated by the need to develop decentralized P2Papproaches to support learning and teaching activity in virtualuniversities.In this paper, we present the stimulation effects of the SmartBox for e-learning using JXTA-Overlay P2P System. We also show the design  and implementation  of the SmartBox environment that is(More)
Cluster formation and cluster head selection are important problems in sensor network applications and can drastically affect the network’s communication energy dissipation. However, selecting of the cluster head is not easy in different environments which may have different characteristics. In our previous work, in order to deal with this problem,(More)