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We have developed a noninvasive pneumatics-based system by which to measure heartbeat, respiration, snoring, and body movements of a subject in bed. A thin, air-sealed cushion is placed under the bed mattress of the subject and the small movements attributable to human automatic vital functions are measured as changes in pressure using a pressure sensor(More)
We compared the thin-section CT findings of 11 intrapulmonary lymph nodes with pathological findings and evaluated the possibility of CT scan differential diagnosis from pulmonary metastatic nodules. First, we retrospectively reviewed CT scan and pathological findings of intrapulmonary lymph nodes. The median size of these nodules was 6.2 mm. The nodules(More)
Self-organized control for MANETs is a promising approach to attaining MANETs which have high adaptability to dynamics of MANETs. In this paper, we will propose an intercluster communication scheme for self-organized transmission power control in MANET clustering. In the previous self organized transmission power control scheme, the one-way intercluster(More)
—We numerically study transport phenomena in a superconducting detector. Our approach is to simulate the three-dimensional time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equation coupled with heat-diffusion and Maxwell equations. The simulation shows dynamical transition to a resistive state when an incident particle has energy higher than superconducting transition(More)
Real-time self-organized control is important for design of dynamic networks such as mobile ad hoc networks. This paper introduces autonomous clustering and real-time self-organized control we have developed for mobile ad hoc networks and proposes a new integrated real-time self-organized control, which is adaptable to simultaneous variation of node(More)
A novel scheme for digital image expansion without artifact is introduced, which utilizes sub-pixel information. The proposed method achieves accurate sub-pixel interpolation, and enlarges the original image by using convolution of Lanczos function. Thus, the resolution of the digital image is increased by the proposed interpolation. Simulation results show(More)
We demonstrated a method to screen for binders to a particular G-quadruplex sequence using easily designed short peptides consisting of naturally occurring amino acids and mining of binding data using statistical methods such as hierarchical clustering analysis (HCA). Despite the small size of the library used in this study, candidates of specific binders(More)
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