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Co-doping of lanthanum and phosphorus in CaFe₂As₂ induces superconductivity at 45 K. This superconducting transition temperature is higher than the 38 K transition in Ba₁-xKxFe₂As₂, which is the maximum found thus far among the 122 phases. Superconductivity with a substantial shielding volume fraction was observed at 0.12 ≤ x ≤ 0.18 and y = 0.06 in(More)
Unconventional Cooper pairing originating from spin or orbital fluctuations has been proposed for iron-based superconductors. Such pairing may be enhanced by quasi-nesting of two-dimensional electron and hole-like Fermi surfaces (FS), which is considered an important ingredient for superconductivity at high critical temperatures (high-Tc). However, the(More)
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