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Due to the development and popularization of high-definition televisions, digital video cameras, Blu-ray discs, digital broadcasting, IP television and so on, it plays an important role to identify and quantify video quality degradations. In this paper, we propose SV-CIELAB which is an objective video quality assessment (VQA) method using a spatio-velocity(More)
A method is proposed for estimating a generalized bispectral matrix for fluorescent objects. The Donaldson matrix is constructed on the wide wavelength range over ultraviolet and visible wavelengths. We use neither an ultraviolet light (black light) nor a monochromator. We present an algorithm for estimating precisely the general shape of luminescent(More)
This paper develops a color image recovery system from a color-embedded gray image. A reversible color-to-gray algorithm is an effective technique from several viewpoints such as running cost, data quantity, and security in practical applications. Most of the conventional algorithms work only on electronic gray images in the closed computer world, and do(More)
This paper proposes a method for estimating the bispectral Donaldson matrices of fluorescent objects by using only two illuminant projections with continuous spectral power distributions. The Donaldson matrix represents the spectral radiance factor consisting of the sum of two components: a reflected radiance factor and a luminescent radiance factor. First,(More)
The imaging systems using cameras to archive art paintings have several essential problems including image resolution and lens distortion. A scanner is considered as a precise imaging device, which can acquire images with high resolution and without camera lens distortion. The present paper proposes a method to estimate the surface properties of art(More)