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[reaction: see text] A catalyst system consisting of RuCl2[(S)-tolbinap][(R)-dmapen] and t-C4H9OK in 2-propanol effects asymmetric hydrogenation of arylglyoxal dialkylacetals to give the alpha-hydroxy acetals in up to 98% ee. Hydrogenation of racemic alpha-amidopropiophenones under dynamic kinetic resolution predominantly gives the syn alcohols in up to 99%(More)
Efficient isomerization: The title reaction was catalyzed by the [RuCl2{(S)-tol-binap}{(R)-dbapen}]/KOH system in ethanol at 25 °C (see scheme). A series of E- and Z-configured aromatic and aliphatic allylic alcohols, including a simple primary alkyl-substituted compound (E)-3-methyl-2-hepten-1-ol, were transformed into the chiral aldehydes with at least 99(More)
Asymmetric hydrogenation of acetophenone in the presence of Ru(II) catalysts coordinated by TolBINAP and a series of chiral 1,2-diamines was studied. The sense and degree of enantioselectivity were highly dependent on the N-substituents of the diamine ligands. The N-substituent effect was discussed in detail. Among these catalysts, the(More)
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