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—Software clustering is one of the important techniques to comprehend software systems. However, presented techniques to date require human interactions to refine clustering results. In this paper, we proposed a novel dependency-based software clustering algorithm, SArF. SArF has two characteristics. First, SArF eliminates the need of the(More)
—To facilitate understanding the architecture of a software system, we developed SArF Map technique that visualizes software architecture from feature and layer viewpoints using a city metaphor. SArF Map visualizes implicit software features using our previous study, SArF dependency-based software clustering algorithm. Since features are high-level(More)
A common disorder of human dentition is the existence of supernumerary teeth. Impacted supernumerary teeth occur most frequently in the maxillary incisor area and are termed mesiodens. We conducted whole-exome sequencing of non-syndromic Japanese individuals possessing supernumerary teeth to identify genes and/or loci involved in the pathogenesis of the(More)
This paper proposes a new design of pass transistor logic based 2T AND gate. Performance comparison of proposed gate with traditional CMOS, complementary pass-transistor logic design and GDI techniques is presented. Different methods have been compared with respect to the number of devices, power-delay product, temperature sustainability and noise immunity(More)
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