Keisuke Yagi

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Due to a large size of lecture theaters and associated multiple sound sources, the common beamforming techniques cannot be straightforwardly applied in those environments. Other difficulties include significant propagation delays between the microphones and the directionality mismatch between speakers and microphones. These problems are particularly(More)
We synthesized two constitutionally isomeric bis(iminomethyl)-2,6-dihydroxynaphthalenes, namely, α,α-diimines 1 and β,β-diimines 2, which can be formally represented as fused salicylaldimines with resonance-assisted hydrogen-bonding sites. Spectroscopic data show that the OH/OH, NH/OH, and NH/NH forms of 1 were in equilibrium in solution and that the(More)
Novel π-conjugated compounds composed of fused salphen groups as a repeating unit, embedded with four or an indefinite number of zinc nuclei have been synthesized. The solid-state absorption spectra, IR spectra, and powder XRD patterns of these compounds are investigated and compared with those of analogous oligomers. The presumptive polymer contains at(More)
We present the development and basic evaluation of a new wearable device for estimation of ankle joint impedance called Tarsusmeter. The device is intended for application with persons with locomotion disabilities to quantify the ankle joint impedance, especially in cases of spasticity where the joint's impedance is expected to differ significantly from(More)
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