Keisuke Uematsu

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This study aims to investigate which and what motions of lifelike conversational agents play essential role to make the agents natural. Some preliminary experimental results and future plan are shown. Embodying conversational agents is intended to imitate paralinguistic channel or back channel which plays important role in human-human conversation. Although(More)
The equipment that the rejection thermal energy is effectively recycled is few though the amount of the rejection thermal energy in an industrial field is huge. Therefore, we are developing the thermoelectric conversion system using the radiation heat transfer. The cascaded thermoelectric modules are installed on the surface of the water jacket which is set(More)
Highly a- and c-axis oriented Zn<sub>0.98</sub>Al<sub>0.02</sub>O ceramics were prepared by a combination of the high magnetic field and gelcasting techniques, and their thermoelectric properties were examined. The gelcasting made it possible to align the particles preferentially along the a- and c-axis within a short exposure time in the high magnetic(More)
Previous studies have shown that enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) performance under continuous aerobic conditions always eventually deteriorates; however, the speed at which this happens depends on the carbon source supplied. The published data suggest that propionate is a better carbon source than acetate is for maintaining operational(More)
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