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Differences in effects of radiation on abundance of animals in Fukushima and Chernobyl
Abstract Radioactive contamination can negatively affect the abundance of living beings through the radiation and chemical toxic effects of radionuclides or the effects of mutation accumulation overExpand
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Abundance of birds in Fukushima as judged from Chernobyl.
The effects of radiation on abundance of common birds in Fukushima can be assessed from the effects of radiation in Chernobyl. Abundance of birds was negatively related to radiation, with aExpand
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Robust association between sociosexuality and self-monitoring in heterosexual and non-heterosexual Japanese
Abstract It has been suggested that self-monitoring (the propensity to exercise self-control on one’s expressive behavior and self-presentation guided by situational cues) and sociosexual orientationExpand
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Elevated concentrations of naturally occurring heavy metals inversely correlate with reproductive output and body mass of the Kagu Rhynochetos jubatus
To assess the effects of naturally occurring heavy metals on wild birds, we compared reproductive success and heavy metal contents in feathers of Kagu Rhynochetos jubatus living on ultramafic (richExpand
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First record of Cinnamon Bittern for Timor
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Rethinking visual supernormal stimuli in cuckoos: visual modeling of host and parasite signals
Some parasitic cuckoo chicks display a vivid-colored gape to their host parents when begging for food. Their mouth color was once regarded as a supernormal stimulus, yet owing to a lack ofExpand
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Mapping mental calculation systems with electrocorticography
OBJECTIVE We investigated intracranially-recorded gamma activity during calculation tasks to better understand the cortical dynamics of calculation. METHODS We studied 11 patients with focalExpand
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Naturally high heavy metal concentrations in feathers of the flightless KaguRhynochetos jubatus
We assessed heavy metal concentrations in feathers of 38 Kagus Rhynochetos jubatus living on ultramafic soils in New Caledonia. Concentrations of heavy metals in down feathers were similar toExpand
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The role of temperature on clustering behavior and mating opportunity in Bonin flying foxes
Social thermoregulation is an important adaptation for animals living in cold environments, especially for those with high surface area-to-volume ratios. Huddling behavior can influence animalExpand
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