Keisuke Tsugane

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We analyzed the complete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences of three humans (African, European, and Japanese), three African apes (common and pygmy chimpanzees, and gorilla), and one orangutan in an attempt to estimate most accurately the substitution rates and divergence times of hominoid mtDNAs. Nonsynonymous substitutions and substitutions in RNA genes(More)
Mutagenized Arabidopsis seedlings (ecotype Columbia) were screened for the ability to grow photoautotrophically on solid medium containing 200 mM NaCl. A novel mutant line, designated pst1 (for photoautotrophic salt tolerance1), was obtained. There were no significant differences between pst1 and wild-type plants with regard to their ability to induce(More)
A new point mutation at nucleotide pair 3291 in the mitochondrial tRNA-Leu(UUR) gene was found in a Japanese MELAS patient. The nucleotides at the mutated site were evolutionarily invariant from humans through sea urchins. The mutant genomes were detected in a heteroplasmic fashion in muscle and blood cells of the proband by means of PCR-RFLP. Among 46(More)
Recently, the Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) parallel programming model has emerged as a usable distributed memory programming model. XcalableMP (XMP) is a PGAS parallel programming language that extends base languages such as C and Fortran with directives in OpenMP-like style. XMP supports a global-view model that allows programmers to define(More)
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