Keisuke Takahashi

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— This paper presents part of an ongoing project to design a wearable supportive device, in particular for the facial paralyzed patients to enhance facial expressiveness. As various complications can result in facial disfigurement and loss of functionality in facial muscles it is required to develop a supporting device for people with such conditions. The(More)
An efficient Pd(II)/Pd⁰-p-benzoquinone/hydroquinone-CuCl₂/CuCl catalyst system was developed that uses environmentally friendly molecular oxygen as the terminal oxidant to catalyze the cyclization-carbonylation-cyclization coupling reaction (CCC-coupling reaction) of (o-alkynyl phenyl) (methoxymethyl) sulfides.
In this paper, we propose a novel wearable sensor device for the measurement of the head orientation and relative position against the body trunk in real-time. It is known that in natural walking, human locomotion is preceded by changes in head orientation [1, 2, 3] and the walking direction can therefore be predicted by observing the head orientation. We(More)
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