Keisuke OGUMA

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Maedi/visna (MV) is a lentiviral disease of sheep caused by the maedi/visna virus (MVV). Although MV is prevalent in many countries, it had not been reported in Japan. In 2011, however, three sheep in northern Japan were reported to be seropositive against the MVV antigen, indicating a persistent MVV infection. In the present study, we isolated MVV from one(More)
We attempted to prepare a cell line that produces maedi/visna virus (MVV) and is free of contamination by other viruses and mycoplasmas. Three cell lines, which originated from a sheep, goat and bat, were infected with MVV and passaged approximately every 5 days. The cultured cells were then subjected to polymerase chain reaction analysis for MVV provirus.(More)
Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) isolation and antibody survey were performed using 2,758 fetal bovine sera (FBS) collected from slaughterhouses in New Zealand, Australia and the Dominican Republic, and then sent to Japan to manufacture commercial serum for cell culture use. FBS in the Dominican Republic were pooled for each several individuals, and those(More)
Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is an oncogenic retrovirus closely related to human T-cell lymphotropic virus. BLV-infected cattle are categorized as asymptomatic carriers or as having persistent lymphocytosis or enzootic bovine leukemia, depending on the clinical stage. We investigated the BLV integration site distribution at three BLV clinical stages and(More)
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