Keisuke Nemoto

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Femtosecond laser pulses were used to make plasma filaments near an isolated positively or negatively highly biased electrode. The electrode was well positioned to sustain a high voltage up to U(max)=+/-400 kV to avoid the induced breakdown or a glow discharge; the shape of the electrode was chosen to reduce the corona effects at the maximal voltage. The(More)
We investigate the accuracy of two-component Douglas-Kroll-Hess (DKH) methods in calculations of the nuclear volume term (≡ lnK(nv)) in the isotope fractionation coefficient. lnK(nv) is a main term in the chemical equilibrium constant for isotope exchange reactions in heavy element. Previous work based on the four-component method reasonably reproduced(More)
Toxicity identification evaluation (TIE) phase I manipulations and toxicity test with D. magna were conducted on leachates from an industrial waste landfill site in Japan. Physicochemical analysis detected heavy metals at concentrations insufficient to account for the observed acute toxicity. The graduated pH and aeration manipulations identified the(More)
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