Keisuke Mizutani

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Methyl mesopyropheophorbide-a possessing an ethyl group at the 3-position, its 3(1)-demethyl analogue (3-methyl homologue), and its 3(1)-deethyl analogue (3-unsubstituted chlorin) were prepared by modifying naturally occurring (bacterio)chlorophylls bearing 3-vinyl, formyl, acetyl, and 1-hydroxyethyl groups. These synthetic 3-(un)substituted chlorophyll(More)
The 3-acetyl groups of synthetic methyl pyropheophorbides were rotated around the 3-3(1) bond and the rotational conformers were obtained in a dichloromethane solution of 20-bromo- and methyl-substituted compounds, based on their electronic and vibrational absorption spectra. Such a rotational deviation of the 3-acetyl group from the cyclic tetrapyrrole(More)
Zinc methyl 3-aminomethyl- and 3-(1-aminoethyl)-pyropheophorbides-a were prepared by modifying naturally occurring chlorophyll-a. The synthetic amino-analogs of bacteriochlorophyll-d self-aggregated in an aqueous micelle solution to give large oligomers with red-shifted and broadened electronic absorption bands. The spectra of these self-aggregates were(More)
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