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We have studied wideband dispersion-free slow light in photonic crystal waveguides and other photonic nanostructures, which allows tunable delays in short optical pulses and the enhancement of light-matter interaction. This paper demonstrates the state-of-the-art devices fabricated by CMOS-compatible process, where compact devices of 200 – 400 μm lengths(More)
We present an application of a novel DNA separation matrix, cholesterol-bearing pullulan (CHP) nanogels, for microchip electrophoresis. The solution of the CHP showed a unique phase transition around 30 mg∕ml and formed gel phase over this critical concentration. This gel phase consists of the weak hydrophobic interactions between the cholesterols could be(More)
Catch crop cultivation coupled with subsequent flood activity is an environmental friendly method of removing nutrient salts from soil in greenhouse. However, in comparison with the usual fallow period in greenhouse horticulture in Japan, a longer time is required for cultivation and soil drying after flooding. To minimize such time while retaining catch(More)
We developed a dynamic phantom for use in routine checks. This phantom can be used to physically evaluate image lag that occurs in dynamic images. It has a unique measurement method. ROIs on the target are chosen, and, with the position of ROIs fixed on the image, changes in pixel value are detected physically when the target passes through the ROIs over(More)
In this paper, we research optimal grasp regions on a polygonal shaped grasped object using a required external force set. The required external force set is given based on a task, and consists of the external forces and moments, which must be balanced by contact forces applied by a robotic hand. Even though the grasp position which satisfies the demands,(More)
We developed a novel method for capturing proteins that interact with a target protein. This method utilizes a protein containing a site-specifically incorporated 3-azidotyrosine (N3-Y) and FG beads for immobilization of the protein via an azido group. Using calmodulin (CaM) as the target protein, we introduced N3-Y at position 72 and conjugated it to FG(More)
This study empirically investigates the determinants of the productivity of knowledge creation by collaboration. By using the Japanese patent database, we extracted establishment-level patent co-invention information and found the following results. First, we find an inverse U-shaped pattern in the relationship between the similarity of knowledge stocks and(More)
This paper presents experimental performance of Optical Leaky Wave Antenna (OLWA) using waffle waveguide (WWG). The antenna is fabricated by silicon photonics technology to achieve high directivity gain leaky waveguide antenna with small perturbation parameter of WWG. Narrow beam and one-dimensional beam scanning is demonstrated by sweeping input wavelength(More)
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