Keisuke Kodaira

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By a complex 4-manifold we shall mean a complex manifold of topological dimension 4. For any complex 4-manifold M we let cv(M) denote the v th Chern class of M. By the Hirzebruch index theorem, the index of M is equal to 9 = 31-(m)-2c2(m)]. A. Van de Ven has pointed out in connection with his recent results(1) that there are not many known examples of(More)
Let (W, ω) be a smooth projective algebraic variety of dimension 2n over C together with a holomorphic (2, 0)-form of maximal rank 2n. A subvariety X ⊂ W is called weakly lagrangian if dim X ≤ n and if the restriction of ω to X is trivial (notice that X can be singular). An n-dimensional subvariety X ⊂ W with this property is called lagrangian. For example,(More)