Keisuke Kodaira

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In this paper, we describe the research and development of a robot based on the water strider's internal mechanism. Robots must function in various environments, both on land and under water. However, there have been few studies regarding robots capable of moving on the water surface. We examined the function of an aquatic insect, the water strider, to(More)
Entanglement-assisted quantum error-correcting (EAQEC) codes, a wider class of stabilizer codes, allow us to construct quantum error-correcting codes from arbitrary classical codes with the help of ebits, i.e. maximally entangled quantum states. However, in the construction of EAQEC codes, it is desirable to use as small number of ebits as possible because(More)
The amplitude damping (AD) quantum channel is one of the models describing evolution of quantum states. Several constructions of quantum error correcting codes for the AD channel based on classical codes has been presented, and Shor et al. proposed a class of classical codes over F<sub>3</sub> which are efficiently applicable to this construction. Recently,(More)
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