Keisuke Kamataki

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"One Click Fraud" is an online confidence scam that has been plaguing an increasing number of Japanese Internet users, in spite of new laws and the mobilization of police task forces. In this scam, the victim clicks on a link presented to them, only to be informed that they just entered a binding contract and are required to pay a registration fee for a(More)
Relevance feedback has been taken as an essential tool to enhance content-based information retrieval systems by keeping the user in the retrieval loop. Among the fundamental relevance feedback approaches, feature space warping has been proposed as an effective approach for bridging the gap between high-level semantics and the low-level features. By(More)
A streamer, which is a bunching of drift-wave fluctuations, and its mediator, which generates the streamer by coupling with other fluctuations, have been observed in a cylindrical magnetized plasma. Their radial structures were investigated in detail by using the biphase analysis. Their quasi-two-dimensional structures were revealed to be equivalent with a(More)
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