Keisuke Jinza

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We evaluated the relationship between the development of filtering bleb and the thickness of the aqueous drainage route beneath the scleral flap in patients who had undergone trabeculectomy. The relationship between the postoperative intraocular pressure and the size of the filtering bleb was also studied. We studied 29 eyes of 21 patients who had been(More)
PURPOSE Topical mitomycin C (MMC) administration is reportedly effective in treating ocular surface neoplasms such as squamous cell carcinoma. We treated a case of ocular epithelial dysplasia that had spread too diffusely to be completely removed. We examined the ultrastructure of and c-met (hepatocyte growth factor receptor) expression in dysplastic(More)
Remote handling devices are used in the radioactive environment of nuclear power plants since humans cannot enter the work environment to perform handling operations. Fuji Electric has developed a remote handling auxiliary system based on shape recognition technology to identify the location and orientation of a handling object (target) virtually. The(More)
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