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Type XVII collagen (COL17) and the non-collagenous 16A (NC16A) domain is regarded as the major pathogenic domains for bullous pemphigoid (BP). Some patients with BP have autoantibodies against parts of COL17 outside the NC16A domain (hereinafter the non-NC16A domain) and show less inflammatory manifestations. There were no significant differences in titres(More)
BACKGROUND PCTAIRE1 (also known as cyclin-dependent kinase 16 (Cdk16) and PCTK1) is a Cdk family protein that has been implicated in spermatogenesis. We recently revealed the function of PCTAIRE1 in the tumorigenesis of malignancies, including breast and prostate cancers; however, the tumorigenic function of PCTAIRE1 in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma(More)