Keisuke Horita

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A sensitive analytical method for the simultaneous assay of nitrate and nitrite in water and some fruit samples is presented. The method is based on nitrite determination using the diazotization-coupling reaction by column preconcentration and on the reduction of nitrate to nitrite using the Cd-Cu reductor column. Nitrite is diazotized with sulfanilamide(More)
The capability of ficin, a cystine protease, to form peptide bonds was investigated using several types of N-Boc-amino acid phenyl and naphthyl esters as acyl donor components. Enzyme-catalyzed peptide synthesis was carried out under optimized reaction conditions of pH, acyl acceptor concentration and selection of the best yield organic solvent. It used a(More)
The p-type nanocrystals (NCs) of copper-based chalcogenides, such as CuInSe2 and Cu2ZnSnS4, have attracted increasing attention in photovoltaic applications due to their potential to produce cheap solution-processed solar cells. Herein, we report the synthesis of copper-antimony-sulfide (CAS) NCs with different crystal phases including CuSbS2, Cu3SbS4, and(More)
Soft-error sensitive junctions have been identified in a memory cell of a 63 kbit SRAM. The technique for hitting a micron-size area with a single ion enables us to get a soft-error map in a memory cell. A dependence of the maps on the supply voltage to the memory has been investigated. The errors due to the upset of an n-MOSFET have been observed at higher(More)
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