Keisuke Handa

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The E6 protein of cervical cancer-associated human papillomaviruses (HPVs) is known to suppress keratinocyte differentiation through unidentified mechanisms. Notch1 is a determinant of keratinocyte differentiation and functions as a tumor suppressor in mammalian epidermis. Here, we report that the Notch1 gene is a novel target of p53 and can be(More)
UNLABELLED A cementoblast progenitor cell line designated BCPb8 was successfully isolated from dental follicle cells immortalized with Bmi-1 and hTERT. BCPb8 showed the potential to differentiate into cementoblasts on implantation into immunodeficient mice. BCPb8 was confirmed to be the first established cementoblast progenitor cell line and will provide a(More)
To address the molecular mechanisms of cementogenesis, we have isolated dental follicle cells and examined them to see if they contain cementoblast progenitors. Dental follicle tissue was dissected from the root surface of bovine tooth germ and cells were released by digestion with bacterial collagenase. The released cells were maintained as a bovine dental(More)
In most cervical cancers, DNAs of high-risk mucosotropic human papillomaviruses (HPVs), such as types 16 and 18, are maintained so as to express two viral proteins, E6 and E7, suggesting that they play important roles in carcinogenesis. The carboxy-terminal PDZ domain-binding motif of the E6 proteins is in fact essential for transformation of rodent cells(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of immediate loading on the biomechanical properties of bone surrounding a miniscrew implant. Forty titanium alloy miniscrew implants were placed on the buccal side of the maxillae and mandibles in four beagle dogs. Twelve pairs of miniscrew implants were immediately loaded with approximately 150 g of(More)
Genistein, kind of soy isoflavones, is well-known as natural ingredients and consumed as health foods and supplements. They are expected to improve renal function. They have high-affinity to estrogen receptor β expressed predominantly in bone tissue, they prevent osteoporosis specifically and safely. We examined whether genistein can be a new direct capping(More)
INTRODUCTION In vital pulp therapy such as direct pulp capping, clinical success rates depend on achieving hemostasis in exposed pulp tissue. For hemostasis of exposed pulp tissue, gentle pressure by cotton pellets moistened with sodium hypochlorite is most commonly used. However, more rapid and reliable methods are necessary. Therefore, we focused on(More)
We encountered 2 patients with unresectable advanced gallbladder cancer whose performance status improved within a short time following the administration of gemcitabine and cisplatin. Both patients were able to maintain a good QOL while continuing treatment.
OBJECTIVE F-spondin is an extracellular matrix (ECM) protein that belongs to the thrombospondin type I repeat superfamily and is a negative regulator of bone mass. We have previously shown that f-spondin is specifically expressed in the dental follicle (DF), which gives rise to the periodontal ligament (PDL) during the tooth root formation stage. To(More)