Keisuke Doman

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In this paper, we propose the concept of synthesizing a multimedia cooking recipe from a text recipe and a database composed of video clips depicting cooking operations. A multimedia cooking recipe is a cooking recipe where each cooking operation is associated with a corresponding video clip depicting it, aimed to facilitate the understanding of cooking(More)
We propose a visibility estimation method for traffic signs as part of work for realization of nuisance-free driving safety support systems. Recently, the number of driving safety support systems in a car has been increasing. As a result, it is becoming important to select appropriate information from them for safe and comfortable driving because too much(More)
This paper proposes a method for estimating the human performance of pedestrian detectability from invehicle camera images in order to warn a driver of the positions of pedestrians in an appropriate timing. By introducing features related to visual search and motion of the target, the proposed method estimates the detectability of pedestrians accurately.(More)
We propose a method for construction of a cascaded traffic sign detector. Viola et al. have proposed a robust and extremely rapid object detection method based on a boosted cascade of simple feature classifiers. To obtain a high detection accuracy in real environment, it is necessary to train the classifier with a set of learning images which contain(More)
This paper proposes an intelligent traffic sign detector using adaptive learning based on online gathering of training samples from in-vehicle camera image sequences. To detect traffic signs accurately from in-vehicle camera images, various training samples of traffic signs are needed. In addition, to reduce false alarms, various background images should(More)
The aim of this work is to support a driver by notifying the information of traffic signals in accordance with their visibility. To avoid traffic accidents, the driver should detect and recognize surrounding objects, especially traffic signals. However, when driving a vehicle under rainy weather conditions, it is difficult for drivers to detect or to(More)
This paper proposes a camera-based visibility estimation method for a traffic sign. The visibility here indicates how a visual target is easy to be detected and recognized by a human driver (not a machine). This research aims at realizing a nuisance-free driver assistance system which sorts out information depending on the visibility of a visual target, in(More)
We propose a visibility estimation method for traffic signs considering temporal environmental changes, as a part of work for the realization of nuisance-free driver assistance systems. Recently, the number of driver assistance systems in a vehicle is increasing. Accordingly, it is becoming important to sort out appropriate information provided from them,(More)
This paper proposes a method for constructing an accurate traffic sign detector by retrospectively obtaining training samples from in-vehicle camera image sequences. To detect distant traffic signs from in-vehicle camera images, training samples of distant traffic signs are needed. However, since their sizes are too small, it is difficult to obtain them(More)