Keisuke Amara

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Aim Mediterranean spotted fever, and the Lyme disease are emerging infectious diseases with significant impact on public health, a study of their detection methods and transmission modes is very useful. As vector diseases, this study consist of finding the agents in question on ticks (vectors of these diseases) in the area of Boumerdes and Tizi-ouzou,(More)
Many cases of hypoxia caused by failure of anesthesia machines or bulk oxygen delivery system have been reportedv", but anesthesiologist must fully rely on them during the perioperative period. When an accident suddenly occures, anesthesiologist may the temporarily baffled, and serious irreversible consequences may result. This is such a report describing a(More)
The relationship between post-tetanic twitch (PTT) and train-of-four (TOF) responses after intravenous administration ofvecuronium were studied using EMG in 20 patients under nitrous oxide and enflurane anesthesia. After the initial dose (0.2 mg·kg−l) of vecuronium, the detectable first twitch of PTT (PTT1) always preceded that of TOF (TOF1) with the mean(More)
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