Keisham Sarjit Singh

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A series of water soluble complexes of general formula [(η-arene)Ru {(C5H4N)2CNRi}Cl]PF6 have been prepared by the reaction of [{(η-arene)RuCl2}2] with appropriate 2,2 ́-dipyridyl-N-alkylimine ligands (dpNRi) in the presence of NH4PF6 (where; R = Me or Et; arene = p-cymene, C6Me6, C6H6). The 2,2 ́-dipyridyl-N-alkylimine ligands are prepared by reaction of(More)
1,4-Dicyanodibenzodioxins bearing carboxy methyl ester groups were synthesized using our established one-step SNAr coupling reaction between ortho- and meta-ester substituted catechols and perfluorinated terephthalonitrile. These are the first examples of 1,4-dicyanodibenzodioxins substituted at both the benzene moieties. Optical spectra were similar to the(More)
The dimeric η(6)-hexamethylbenzene ruthenium(II) triazole compounds of formulation [{(η(6)-C(6)Me(6))Ru(N(3)C(2)(CO(2)R)(2))}(2)(μC(2)O(4))] have been synthesized by 1,3-diploar cycloadditions of coordinated azido compound [{(η(6)-C(6)Me(6))Ru(L(1))N(3)}] (1) with substituted acetylene, RO(2)CC(2)CO(2)R via unexpected oxidation of the coordinated ligand to(More)
Ethyl acetate extract of the sponge Ircinia sp., collected by SCUBA divers off the coast of southern India, contained a cholest-based sterol of insignificant antimicrobial activity, with one carboxylic acid side chain (3alpha, 7beta-dihydroxy-5beta-cholan-24-oic acid, DCA). The structure of the compound was determined by spectroscopic data and single(More)
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