Keisha D Henry

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE There is limited research on the effects of the number of exercises a person is told to perform on compliance and performance, as defined by cueing requirements, correct alignment, and quality of movement. Some studies of medication suggest that compliance decreases as the number of medications increases. The purpose of this study was(More)
Inez Beverly Prosser (ca. 1895-1934) was arguably the first African American woman to earn a doctorate in psychology. Her dissertation, completed in 1933, examined personality differences in black children attending either voluntarily segregated or integrated schools and concluded that black children were better served in segregated schools. This research(More)
Samples of opium with arsenic as an adulterant, and both opium and heroin with strychnine as an adulterant are not infrequently encountered in the local drug scene. The paper describes a method for the possible identification of the sources of opium and heroin in the local market on the basis of an accurate quantitation of the adulterant arsenic and(More)
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