Keisaku Yamada

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Because of its nature of effectively suppressing the off-leakage current with gate around configuration, the Si nanowire FET has been thought be the ultimate structure for for ultra-small CMOS devices towards their downsizing limit. Recently, several experimental data of Si nanowire FETs with very high on-current much larger than that of planar MOSFETs have(More)
We have experimentally demonstrated structural advantages due to rounded corners of rectangular-like cross-section of silicon nanowire (SiNW) field-effect transistors (FETs) on on-current (ION), inversion charge density normalized by a peripheral length of channel cross-section (Qinv) and effective carrier mobility (eff). The ION was evaluated at the(More)
Because of its ability to effectively suppress off-leakage current with its gate-around configuration, the Si nanowire FET is considered to be the ultimate structure for ultra-small CMOS devices to the extent that the devices would be approaching their downsized limits. Recently, several experimental studies of Si nanowire FETs with on-currents much larger(More)
Low-temperature photoluminescence (PL) spectra of electron-hole systems in Si nanowires (NWs) prepared by thermal oxidization of Si fin structures were studied. Mapping of PL reveals that NWs with uniform width are formed over a large area. Annealing temperature dependence of PL peak intensities was maximized at 400 °C for each NW type, which are consistent(More)
As we all know from the famous prediction for the micron order transistor era, which Gordon Moore predicted, the performance of transistors improved exponentially, but it doesn't quite follow his prediction, any more. The performance of transistor is now governed by bland new approaches, for example applying the new materials (high-k, metal gate, strain Si(More)
We have investigated static variability of p-MOSFETs by evaluating the drain current under various conditions of gate and drain voltages. The value of drain current variability (&#x03C3;<inf>Id</inf>/Id) is proportional to (LW)<sup>&#x2212;1/2</sup> before the short channel effect appears, being similar to that of Vt variability. The magnitude of(More)
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