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Downscaling global weather prediction model outputs to individual locations or local scales is a common practice for operational weather forecast in order to correct the model outputs at subgrid scales. This paper presents an empirical-statistical downscaling method for precipitation prediction which uses a feed-forward multilayer perceptron MLP neural(More)
In this study, a new method for the estimation of aeolian sand transport rate was developed; the method employs a ceramic sand flux sensor (UD-101). UD-101 detects wind-blown sand impacting on its surface. The method was devised by considering the results of wind tunnel experiments that were performed using a vertical sediment trap and the UD-101. Field(More)
High Arsenic (As) in natural groundwater in most of the shallow sandy aquifers of the SouthWestern part of Bangladesh has recently been focused as a serious environmental concern. This paper is aiming to illustrate the statistical evaluation of the Arsenic polluted groundwater to identify the correlation of that As with other participating groundwater(More)
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