Keiko Ogawa-Ochiai

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OBJECTIVE The authors report a case of mediastinal lymphangioma successfully treated with Kampo medicine. METHODS A 2-year-old boy with an axillary soft mass consulted our clinic. Physical examination findings were normal except for axillary elastic swelling. The neck and chest magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) showed a multilocular mass starting from(More)
OBJECTIVES Conventional 3-dimensional color spaces such as L*a*b* or L*C*h have a limitation in that colors of materials can only be separated on the same hyperplane. Therefore, it would be useful to find appropriate axes for dental color analysis by analyzing spectral data itself, rather than conventional 3-dimensional color spaces. METHODS Hyperspectral(More)
BACKGROUND In Kampo medicine (Japanese traditional herbal medicine), the appearance of the tongue contains a lot of useful information for diagnosis. However, an inspection of the tongue is not considered to be important in modern medical diagnosis, since the skills applied in the examination are difficult to understand. Thus, we developed an imaging system(More)
Kampo medicine (Japanese traditional herbal medicine) contains concepts useful for preventive medicine. For example, “Mibyou” (disease-oriented state) aims to prevent illness by early recognition. Kampo diagnosis is based on subjective examinations, such as tongue inspection, by trained specialist physicians. An objective metric of the tongue color spectrum(More)
We measured the oxygen saturation of skin at various ages by iterating our previously proposed method that can rapidly simulate skin spectral reflectance with high accuracy. Oxygen saturation is commonly measured by a pulse oximeter to evaluate oxygen delivery for monitoring the functions of heart and lungs at a specific time. On the other hand, oxygen(More)
In this article, principal component analysis is applied to pigmentation distribution in the whole face to obtain feature values, and the relationship between the obtained feature vectors and age is estimated by multiple regression analysis to simulate the changes of facial images in women of ages 10 to 80. Since the human face receives more attention than(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the efficacy of Japanese-traditional medicine (Kampo) for a case with vascular malformation. METHODS A case study and literature review. PATIENT A 62-year-old female presented with dysphagia and spitting blood. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy showed a longitudinal lobulated and septated mass in the posterior pharynx. On MR imaging, the(More)
Skin is the largest organ of human body which can easily be observed non-invasively, but objective assessment of skin status is difficult. Therefore, we have focused on the oxygen saturation, and proposed the iterative optical path-length matrix method (OPLM) for estimating oxygen saturation of skin. Oxygen saturation of skin may help finding pre-disease(More)
In this article, we propose an effective colorprocessing algorithm to analyze the hyperspectral image of the tongue and its application to preventive medicine by the concept of Japanese traditional herbal medicine (Kampo medicine). Kampo medicine contains a number of concepts useful for preventive medicine such as "Mibyou" - disease-oriented state - signs(More)
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