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A 29-year-old man was admitted with abdominal pain. Peritonitis symptoms appeared on the day after of hospitalization and emeregency surgery was performed. A Meckel diverticulum adhered to the mesenterium of the sigmoid colon which was strangulated for a length of 30cm. Additionally, a second Meckel diverticulum was present on the oral side of the first(More)
  • K. Natori
  • 2006
Among emerging issues on nanoscale MOSFETs, two aspects are discussed. One is a new type of parasitic capacitance in MOS capacitors, and the other is analysis of channel transport in terms of a newly developed reflection-transmission formalism. The non-zero thickness of charge layer in the MOS gate electrode causes a new type of parasitic capacitance, which(More)
  • K. Natori
  • 2004
Nanoscale devices in near future are going to be less than the mean free path of carriers. The ballistic conduction is highly probable in these devices. We have investigated the physics of the ballistic field effect transistors (FETs). The I-V characteristics of the ballistic silicon MOSFET is shown, and the mechanism of device operation was discussed. The(More)
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