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The segregation of neural and epidermal progenitors in Drosophila requires the activity of transcription factors encoded by the proneural genes and the genes of the E(SPL)-C. Persistent expression of two genes of the E(SPL)-C suppresses neural development. Embryos exhibit conspicuous central neural hypoplasia and lack sensory organs; imaginal sensory organs(More)
This paper describes a system called ComicDiary that automatically creates a personal diary in a comics style. ComicDiary is built as a subsystem of our ongoing project (C-MAP) to develop a personal guidance system for exhibition touring at museums, trade shows, academic conferences, cities, and so on. The aim of the C-MAP system is to provide users with(More)
Starting from the days of the Musical Telegraph, the first electronic instrument, the majority of synthesizers today are still equipped with keyboards, often using the traditional layout of acoustic pianos. The question that many researchers attempt to answer is that of improvement. In this paper we present an Augmented Groove, a novel musical instrument(More)
Mutations in the Autism susceptibility candidate 2 gene (AUTS2), whose protein is believed to act in neuronal cell nuclei, have been associated with multiple psychiatric illnesses, including autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, and schizophrenia. Here we show that cytoplasmic AUTS2 is involved in the regulation of the cytoskeleton and neural(More)
In little more than 100 years, Japan has moved from an isolated agrarian society to one of the world's most advanced capitalist industri~1 societies. And of equal note, Japan is the first nation to achieve advanced industrial status from an Asian rather than a western cultural base. From the very beginning of this process of industrialization, during(More)
Background Among numerous web community services available today, online community system such as bulletin board system enables people to communicate each other through the Internet without sharing time and real space. In avatar systems, on the other hand, people share virtual space using their embodied representatives, and at the same time are able to have(More)
UNLABELLED Aims/Introduction:  Although increases in urinary protein excretion generally precede a decline in the glomerular filtration rate, non-proteinuric renal impairment is common in patients with diabetes. In the present study, we examined the relationship between indices of arterial stiffness and renal function in type 2 diabetic patients without(More)
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