Keiko Nagano

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To investigate whether or not the mode of delivery produces differences in cerebral oxygenation, cerebral hemoglobin oxygen saturation was measured using full-spectrum near infrared spectroscopy in 26 healthy term newborn infants immediately after birth. Infants in group 1 (n=20) were delivered vaginally, and those in group 2 (n=6) by elective cesarean(More)
The aim of this study was to quantify the relative concentrations of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin within the light path of the brain and to estimate cerebral hemoglobin (Hb) oxygen saturation using full-spectrum near-infrared spectroscopy (fsNIRS). For this purpose, we developed a novel exponential correction equation as well as a two-point(More)
During the developmental stage, the brain undergoes anatomic, functional, and metabolic changes necessary to support the complex adaptive behavior of a mature individual. Estimation of developmental changes occurring in different regions of the brain would provide a means of relating various behavioral phenomena to maturation-specific brain structures,(More)
BACKGROUND Estimation of hemodynamics is important for critically ill infants. Pulse dye densitometry (PDD) using indocyanine green (ICG), which enables measurements of circulating blood volume at the bedside, has recently been developed for adults. METHODS We conducted a basic investigation to determine whether this method can be applied to infants and(More)
SummaryWe have constructed a new genetic linkage map of the Werner syndrome (WRN) region, using microsatellites from a library which was developed by a chromosome microdissection and enzymatic amplification method. These microsatellites were used to genotype members of CEPH families using a simplified detection system of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical effect of phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is based on the production and elimination of cyclobilirubin. Generally, the clinical effect of light sources is estimated by the reduction in the total serum bilirubin level. One procedure with less invasiveness than blood collecting is urine collection. Whether the(More)
SummaryLinkage and haplotype analysis of eleven early-onset Alzheimer disease (AD) families was performed in relation to D21S210 and microsatellite DNA polymorphisms localized on chromosome 14q24.3. Linkage analysis of eight informative families out of eleven early-onset AD families disclosed the highest LOD score of 3.45 (θ=0.00) at D14S77, while the locus(More)
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