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A synthetic approach to a peptide α-thioester from an unprotected peptide through cleavage and activation of a specific peptide bond by N-acetylguanidine.
In modern procedures for total chemical protein synthesis, the concept of chemical ligation plays an essential role in the assembly of target protein polypeptide chains. The peptide a-thioester isExpand
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Basic Properties of Micropump with Magnetic Micromachine
A micropump with spiral-type magnetic micromachine was fabricated. When a rotating magnetic field was applied, the machine rotated and pumped a surrounding liquid. We experimentally examined theExpand
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Study of a Cantilevered Magnetic Actuator with a Magnetic Thin Film
This paper describes a cantilevered magnetic actuator driven in a low magnetic field. Magnetostriction was used as a driving principle in this study. We studied the displacement of the cantileveredExpand
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