Keiko Minamoto

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  • Ji-Wei Wang, Chang-Nian Wei, +6 authors Atsushi Ueda
  • 2011
When predicting volunteer intention, much attention is paid to the volunteer organization environment (VOE). Given that self-efficacy and motivation have emerged as important predictors of volunteer intention, we adopted a combination of ideas of Bandura's social cognitive theory and Ajzen's theory of planned behavior integrating VOE, self-efficacy and(More)
  • K Toda, K Kayano, +5 authors D J Pinsky
  • 2000
Transiently increased expression of leukocyte adhesion receptors after lung preservation contributes to early graft demise by recruiting leukocytes, activating complement, and causing microcirculatory stasis. We hypothesized that inhibiting intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) expression even briefly may significantly improve lung graft function and(More)
Two surveys, one in winter the other in summer time, examined the skin problems of the entire manual workers (N=148) from 11 small-to-medium sized fiber-glass reinforced plastics (FRP) factories located in Kyushu, Japan. The workers were exposed to unsaturated polyester resin, including styrene and auxiliary agents such as cobalt naphthenate, hardeners such(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the safety of and to try to find the best plan to cope with exposure to FA for students during a gross anatomy dissection course. The FA exposure level and subjective symptoms was estimated. The relationship between exposure to FA and subjective symptoms of irritation were discussed for times; before, in the(More)
Myoga is a fragrant plant which is the special product of Japan and is cultivated throughout Japan. According to our earlier investigation (unpublished data) of myoga cultivators in Japan, 8 of 35 cultivators experienced contact dermatitis in the harvest season. The purpose of this study was to assess the allergenicity of myoga and its major volatile(More)
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