Keiko Kohmoto

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p34cdc2 protein kinase is a universal regulator of M-phase in eukaryotic cell cycle. To investigate the regulation of meiotic and mitotic cell cycle in mammals, we examined the changes in phosphorylation states of p34cdc2 and its histone H1 kinase activity in mouse oocytes and embryos. We showed that p34cdc2 has three different migrating bands (referred to(More)
Most of standard evolutionary algorithms consist of a mutation, a crossover, a selection and often a local search. Each of these operators is specifically designed for a combinatorial optimization problem. These can be considered as tools for the optimization searches, and the interplay between them in the searches is not <i>apparently</i> controlled in(More)
Prolactin secreted from the mouse pituitary gland in organ culture was characterized after disc or SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Some pituitary glands were cultured with 3H-labelled leucine for 24 h to obtain radioactive prolactin. In disc electrophoresis, immunoreactive, receptor-bindable and 3H-incorporated prolactins formed a single band with(More)
The development of prolactin receptors in the mammary gland after ovariectomy was investigated in pregnant KA mice. Mice were ovariectomized on day 13 of pregnancy and used for the determination of the amount of specific binding of 125I-labelled prolactin to the mammary tissue, and the contents of lactose and nucleic acids in the mammary gland 0, 8, 24, and(More)
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