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Ecology of testate amoebae (Protista) in south-central Alaska peatlands: building transfer-function models for palaeoenvironmental studies
Testate amoebae are valuable indicators of peatland hydrology and have been used in many palaeoclimatic studies in peatlands. Because the species' ecological optima may vary around the globe, theExpand
models for palaeoenvironmental studies Ecology of testate amoebae ( Protista ) in south-central Alaska peatlands : building transfer-function
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Changes in testate amoebae (Protists) communities in a small raised bog. A 40-year study
The testate amoebae communities clearly differed among microhabitat types, but no overall significant change in the community was detectable between the two sampling dates, which could signify that changes at the microscopic level had already taken place by 1961 and no further overall significant changes in micro-environmental conditions took place during the 40-year period of this study. Expand