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We would like to thank ADBI for its financial support. The authors are grateful to Yoshimasa Yoshiike for undertaking meticulous data calculations. Abstract As economic integration in East Asia progresses, trade patterns within the region are displaying an ever-greater complexity: Though inter-industry trade still accounts for the majority, its share in(More)
This paper compares the performance of foreign-owned and domestically-owned firms, using micro data on Japanese firms in the manufacturing sector for the period 1994–2000. The overall comparison between foreign-owned and Japanese companies shows that foreign-owned companies enjoyed 5% higher TFP as well as higher earnings and returns on capital. They also(More)
An electrochemical DNA chip using an electrochemically active intercalator and DNA probe immobilized on a gold electrode has been developed for genetic analysis. In this study, the six polymorphisms associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), N-acetyltransferase2 (NAT2) gene polymorphisms T341C, G590A, and G857A, methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)(More)
This article provides an empirically supported reminder of the importance of accuracy in scientific communication. The authors identify common types of inaccuracies in research abstracts and offer suggestions to improve abstract-article agreement. Abstracts accompanying 13% of a random sample of 400 research articles published in 8 American Psychological(More)
  • KIYOTA Kozo, WEI Yuhong, +13 authors Ryuhei Wakasugi
  • 2005
This paper examines the determinants of the backward vertical linkages of Japanese foreign affiliates in manufacturing for the period 1994-2000, focusing on the local backward linkages, or local procurements in the host country. We find that the experience of the affiliate, which is measured by the length of operation, had positive impacts on local(More)
We highlight the difference between the service sector and the manufacturing sector in regard to the determinants for a firm to start FDI and the productivity growth it achieves. This paper analyzes two questions: (1) whether a certain level of productivity explains a Japanese firm’s choice to be a multinational firm (by starting FDI), and (2) how the(More)
We have developed a novel multisample detection system by employing a technology combining a tag insertion primer and an electrochemical DNA chip. In the first application, Helicobacter species-infected mouse samples were detected. The primers that insert a different tag sequence in each sample were prepared, and loop-mediated isothermal amplification(More)
During the recent decade of declining foreign direct investment (FDI) barriers, small domestic firms disproportionately contracted while large multinational firms experienced a substantial growth in Japan’s manufacturing sector. This paper quantitatively assesses the impact of FDI globalization on intra-industry reallocations and its implications for(More)