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INTRODUCTION The SAFE handover tool was developed to reduce critical omissions during handovers in obstetric anaesthesia. It comprises a simple proforma onto which the outgoing team documents patients who fall into one of four anaesthetically relevant categories: Sick patients; At-risk patients (of emergency caesarean section, major haemorrhage or(More)
This is the first report of (1) somatic embryogenesis in the hybrids of Pinus attenuata with Pinus radiata var. cedrosensis and (2) use of Pinus radiata somatic embryogenic tissue as nurse tissue to facilitate initiation from immature hybrid pine zygotic embryos. Embryogenic cell lines were successfully initiated from first generation reciprocal hybrids of(More)
BACKGROUND Informed consent should be sought when performing anaesthesia on pregnant patients. There is no standard for consent for general anaesthesia on the delivery suite. This study was designed to assess post-partum women's awareness of the complications of general anaesthesia and the level of risk at which they felt these risks should be discussed. (More)
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