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Phase-contrast MRA in the evaluation of EC-IC bypass patency.
We have assessed three-dimensional (3-D) phase-contrast (PC) MR angiography (MRA) in the evaluation of extracranial (EC)-intracranial (IC) bypasses. This technique was performed in 22 patients (26Expand
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Oxidation of isobutene and methylenecycloalkanes by palladium(II) acetate
Abstract Reactions of isobutene, methylenecyclopentane, methylenecyclohexane and methylenecycloheptane with palladium acetate were studied in acetic acid at 30 to 80°. Two types of oxidation wereExpand
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Anomalous right lobe of the liver: CT appearance
We report five cases of anomalous right lobe of the liver diagnosed by computed tomography (CT). There were three men and two women, with an average age of 67 years. The right lobe was deformed andExpand
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MR Imaging of Anomalous Lobes of the Liver
Four patients with anomalous lobes of the liver were observed at MR imaging. In one patient the anterior segment of the right hepatic lobe was absent and in 3 patients the left hepatic lobe wasExpand
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[EEG study of patients with various depressive disorders].
[Case of intrahepatic foreign body].
Some Observations of the Stored-product Pests for Confection in Kochi
This paper reports results of studies on the stored-product pests in confections conducted from August 1968 to November 1969 at six survey areas in Kochi and of experimental studies on OryzaephilusExpand
[Practice of adult nursing--on clinical training].