Keiju Murata

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The Kerr/CFT correspondence has been recently broadened to the general extremal black holes under the assumption that the central charges from the non-gravitational fields vanish. To confirm this proposal, we derive the expression of the conserved charges in the Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theory with topological terms in four and five dimensions and check that(More)
We calculate the quantum radiation from the five dimensional charged rotating black rings by demanding the radiation to eliminate the possible anomalies on the horizons. It is shown that the temperature, energy flux and angular-momentum flux exactly coincide with those of the Hawking radiation. The black rings considered in this paper contain the(More)
We study N = 4 super Yang-Mills theories on a three-sphere with two types of chemical potential. One is associated with the R-symmetry and the other with the rotational symmetry of S3 (SO(4) symmetry). These correspond to charged KerrAdS black holes via AdS/CFT. The exact partition functions at zero coupling are computed and the thermodynamical properties(More)
Assigning a chaos index for dynamics of generic quantum field theories is a challenging problem because the notion of a Lyapunov exponent, which is useful for singling out chaotic behavior, works only in classical systems. We address the issue by using the AdS/CFT correspondence, as the large N_{c} limit provides a classicalization (other than the standard(More)
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