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Norzoanthamine, an alkaloid isolated from Zoanthus sp., can suppress the loss of bone weight and strength in ovariectomized mice. Norzoanthamine derivatives can also strongly inhibit the growth of P-388 murine leukemia cell lines and human platelet aggregation. However, norzoanthamine's densely functionalized complex stereostructure and scarce availability(More)
Nuclear and cytoplasmic morphological changes provide important information about cell differentiation processes, cell functions, and signal responses. There is a strong desire to develop a rapid and simple method for visualizing cytoplasmic and nuclear morphology. Here, we developed a novel and rapid method for probing cellular morphological changes of(More)
Palau'amine has received a great deal of attention in the past two decades as an attractive synthetic target by virtue of its intriguing molecular architecture and significant immunosuppressive activity. Here we report the total synthesis of palau'amine characterized by the construction of an ABDE tetracyclic ring core including a trans-bicylo[3.3.0]octane(More)
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