Keiji Tanimoto

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problems arises because many of us evaluate the data from these two sources as equivalent, even though they represent a comparison between (randomly integrated human and murine) transgenes and the natural (murine) locus. Both mice and humans have similar gene organizations relative to the LCR (Figure 1) and, thus, if pressed, most investigators would(More)
PURPOSE Robotics may improve vitreoretinal surgery by steadying hand motion, thereby reducing negative outcomes. This study aimed to develop a microsurgical robot for vitreoretinal surgery and to perform clinical procedures using robot-assisted interventions. METHODS A microsurgical system for vitreoretinal surgery was designed to meet specific(More)
Several lines of evidence have established strong links between transcriptional activity and specific post-translation modifications of histones. Here we show using RNA FISH that in erythroid cells, intergenic transcription in the human beta-globin locus occurs over a region of greater than 250 kb including several genes in the nearby olfactory receptor(More)
Expression patterns in the globin gene cluster are subject to developmental regulation in vivo. While the gamma(A) and gamma(G) genes are expressed in fetal liver, both are silenced in adult erythrocytes. In order to decipher the role of DNA methylation in this process, we generated a YAC transgenic mouse system that allowed us to control gamma(A)(More)
In this paper, an extraction method of trabecular structures from dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphological operations is proposed. It can extract trabeculae excluding roots of teeth and enables the assessment of tooth extraction for trabecular pattern. A measurement method of the lengths and directions of trabecular segments is also(More)
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