Keiji Tanimoto

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PURPOSE Robotics may improve vitreoretinal surgery by steadying hand motion, thereby reducing negative outcomes. This study aimed to develop a microsurgical robot for vitreoretinal surgery and to perform clinical procedures using robot-assisted interventions. METHODS A microsurgical system for vitreoretinal surgery was designed to meet specific(More)
Osteoporotic fractures are associated with substantial morbidity, increased medical cost and high mortality risk. Several equipments of bone assessment have been developed to identify individuals, especially postmenopausal women, with high risk of osteoporotic fracture; however, a large segment of women with low skeletal bone mineral density (BMD), namely(More)
BACKGROUND Although age-related changes resulting in slowing of the swallowing reflex and a decline in the neuromuscular control system have been reported, there have been few reports on swallowing function in dentate elderly persons. The purpose of this study was to clarify the primary influence of aging on swallowing in healthy dentate elderly persons(More)
In this paper, an extraction method of trabecular structures from dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphological operations is proposed. It can extract trabeculae excluding roots of teeth and enables the assessment of tooth extraction for trabecular pattern. A measurement method of the lengths and directions of trabecular segments is also(More)
We reported previously that patients with anterior open bite had tongue tip protrusion, slower movement of the rear part of the dorsal tongue, and earlier closure of the nasopharynx during deglutition. In the present study, the relationship between this characteristic tongue movement and maxillofacial morphology in patients with anterior open bite was(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to evaluate the trabecular bone changes after alveolar bone grafting in unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) patients using a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system. MATERIALS AND METHODS The occlusal radiographs taken from 50 UCLP patients were surveyed retrospectively. The images were categorized as: 50 images in group 0(More)
A thin or eroded cortex of the mandible detected on dental panoramic radiographs is independently associated with low skeletal bone mineral density (BMD) or osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. The purposes of this study were to develop new computer-aided diagnosis system that combines these two panoramic measures by using fuzzy neural networks (FNN) for(More)
Tongue position was cineradiographically analyzed during speech, before and after pharyngeal flap surgery, in 19 hypernasal cleft palate speakers with acceptable articulation and in 10 noncleft reference individuals. The results showed that the position of the tongue was significantly retracted during production of the consonants (/ti/, /ki/, and /ka/) in(More)
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