Keiji Kushibe

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We performed thoracoscopic wedge resections of blebs with a stapling device under local anesthesia with sedation in 34 consecutive patients who presented with spontaneous pneumothoraces. The indications for surgery included the absence of parietal pleural adhesions and knowledge of the precise bleb location prior to the procedure. Prior to surgery, 0.5%(More)
BACKGROUND Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is well known to be associated with lung cancer. However, surgical morbidity and mortality in lung cancer patients with IPF remains unclear. METHODS The data of patients who underwent surgery for non-small cell lung cancer were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS Of the 1063 patients with lung cancer, 33 (3.1(More)
We report an uncommon clinical case of anterior mediastinal localization of ectopic pancreatic tissue. A 39-year-old male was referred to our institution for investigation of an abnormal mediastinal shadow on a chest X-ray, and a large cystic lesion measuring 10 x 8 cm located in the anterior mediastinum was observed on a computed tomographic scan. He(More)
In this study, the prognostic value of determining the nuclear DNA content of thymomas by flow cytometry was evaluated. Of a total 31 resected thymomas, 10 (32%) showed DNA aneuploidy, the presence of which was significantly correlated with an advanced clinical stage of disease. The patients with an aneuploid tumor had a poorer prognosis than those with a(More)
The questions of whether oxygen-derived free radicals are induced during preservation of lungs and, if so, how such radicals might relate to reperfusion injury were investigated by means of an isolated canine lung model. Lungs were obtained from 16 mongrel dogs and divided into groups 1 (n = 6), 2 (n = 5), and 3 (n = 5). The lungs of groups 1, 2, and 3 were(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Solitary fibrous tumors of the pleura (SFTPs) are slow-growing neoplasms. Approximately 800 cases have been reported in the literature to date. The aim of this study was to address our experience with the management of SFTPs and to evaluate the advantage of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) in SFTP treatment. DESIGN(More)
OBJECTIVE Prostate stem cell antigen was originally identified as an overexpressed gene in prostate cancer and its overexpression correlated with disease progression and prognosis. In this study, we investigated the clinical significance and therapeutic potential of prostate stem cell antigen expression in non-small cell lung cancer. METHODS Prostate stem(More)
Respiratory management of tracheal injuries is a crucial key to successful treatment. We present herein a patient with a traumatic tracheal transection in whom we confronted difficulty in airway management after false intratracheal intubation. No associated injuries were seen in the patient, then, primary repair of the trachea was carried out under(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the recent results of pneumonectomy (Pn) for primary lung cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty-four patients undergoing Pn and 26 patients undergoing broncho-or angioplastic lobectomy (namely, parenchyma-sparing lung resection) from January 1993 to December 2004 were reviewed. The oncological outcome of(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate a relationship between the postoperative change of exercise capacity judged by the change of peal oxygen consumption and the pulmonary blood flow of the residual lung after lobectomy. Twenty eight patients undergoing lobectomy for lung cancer received an exercise tolerance test and 99mTc-MAA perfusion lung scans(More)