Keiji Iwasaki

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Laboratory experiments were carried out to investigate byssal thread production by the intertidal mytilid mussel Hormomya mutabilis in response to effluent from the predatory crab Eriphia smithii and the starfish Coscinasterias acutispina. During the early period of the experiment, large H. mutabilis exposed to crab effluent produced a significantly(More)
An investigation was made of individual variation in resting site fidelity in the limpet,Cellana toreuma, with special attention to the adaptiveness of its homing behaviour. Limpets resting in the higher part of the study site showed strong resting site fidelity while those in the middle part showed weaker fidelity and tended to shift their resting sites to(More)
The generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by ultraviolet radiation (UVR) accelerates skin aging, which is known as photoaging. Because cutaneous iron catalyzes ROS generation, sequestering iron by chelating agents is thought to be an effective approach toward preventing photoaging. Previously, N-(4-pyridoxylmethylene)-l-serine (PYSer) was designed as(More)
The distortion of laser welded titanium plates was assessed for different operating conditions of the laser welding device, and with different welding parameters (in terms of weld point and prewelding). In this study, Nd : YAG laser welding device was used to join the titanium plates. The results showed that distortion increased stepwise after each welding(More)
The performance of laser welding of Ti and two dental precious alloys (Ag-Pd-Au, Au-Pt-Ag) was investigated by mechanical testing and microscopic observation, using butt joint as design. The laser irradiation was done using a commercial Nd:YAG dental laser-welding device in a single pulse mode with output currents 150, 200, 250, 300A, spot diameters 0.6,(More)
Skin surface bacteria contribute to body odor, especially axillary odor. We aimed to investigate anaerobic bacteria that had not been previously studied for axillary odor formation. A new anaerobic Anaerococcus sp. A20, that releases 3-hydroxy-3-metyl-hexanoic acid (HMHA, main component of axillary odor) from its glutamyl conjugate, was discovered from(More)
On moderately wave-exposed rocky shores in middle Japan, the upper interidal mytilid,Septifer virgatus, and lower intertidal mytilid,Hormomya mutabilis, occur together, forming vertically contiguous mussed beds. Factors limiting the lower distribution limit ofSeptifer and the upper limit ofHormomya were investigated by collections of natural mussel clumps(More)