Keiji Hokamura

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We propose a new domain-specific aspect-oriented programming (AOP) mechanism for Web application development. A variety of crosscutting concerns such as access control and performance tuning are found in typical Web applications, but it is not easy to concisely modularize the concerns as aspects in current AOP languages because they do not provide pointcut(More)
Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a technique for modularizing crosscutting concerns (CCCs). A variety of CCCs can be found in typical Web applications. Most CCCs are scattered over Web-specific events such as page requests. AOWP, a PHP-based AOP framework, provides Web-specific aspect instantiations for dealing with session management and pointcut &(More)
Web applications, which are sometimes developed incrementally and iteratively, may result in program codes that are poorly organized. The notion of aspect can theoretically be introduced for better modularization, but trials occasionally fail because homogeneous aspects alone are not adequate. The approach taken here is to introduce feature analysis and to(More)
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