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We derive the novel asymptotic solutions for the scattered field when a cylindrical wave is incident on a coated conducting cylinder with a thin lossy dielectric material. We show that the extended UTD (uniform geometrical theory of diffraction) solution and the modified UTD solution derived by retaining the second order term are uniformly applicable in the(More)
We have derived a novel uniform asymptotic solution for the transmitted and scattered waves when the cylindrical wave is incident on a plane dielectric interface from the denser dielectric medium. We have confirmed the validity of the uniform asymptotic solution by comparing with the reference solution obtained numerically.
In this study, we consider the high-frequency asymptotic analysis methods for the scattered field when a cylindrical wave is incident on a conducting circular cylinder. We derive the asymptotic solution applicable in each of the transition regions divided by the shadow boundary into the shadow and the lit side. The asymptotic solutions include a novel(More)
To elucidate the mechanism by which hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) induces electrical discharge, changes in the extracellular concentrations of GABA and glutamate were measured every 5 min using a microdialysis technique in rats during a period of exposure to HBO2 (5 atm abs). Electrical discharge was observed at 28 +/- 4 min after the onset of exposure. Though(More)