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 Precise measurements of the partial pressure of CO2 (PCO2) in oceanic and lagoonal surface waters from Palau Barrier Reef and Majuro Atoll were taken to ascertain the net effect of these coral reef systems on air-sea CO2 exchange. PCO2 in the surface water in the lagoon of Palau Barrier Reef and Majuro Atoll was 48 and 14 μatm higher than in the(More)
We derive the novel asymptotic solutions for the scattered field when a cylindrical wave is incident on a coated conducting cylinder with a thin lossy dielectric material. We show that the extended UTD (uniform geometrical theory of diffraction) solution and the modified UTD solution derived by retaining the second order term are uniformly applicable in the(More)
In this paper, we have derived a novel uniform asymptotic solution for the transmitted waves observed in the rarer medium when the cylindrical wave is incident on a plane dielectric interface from the denser medium. The validity of the novel uniform asymptotic solution has been confirmed by comparing with the reference solution calculated numerically. It is(More)
CONTEXT Although the Palliative Prognostic Index (PPI) is a reliable and validated tool to predict the survival of terminally ill cancer patients, all clinicians cannot always precisely diagnose delirium. OBJECTIVES The primary aim of this study was to examine the predictive value of a simplified PPI. In the simplified PPI, a single item from the(More)