Keiji Deuchi

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Recent developments in the technology of cryopreservation have permitted the long-term storage of many strains of microalgae with reliable rates of survival. However, many strains still cannot be recovered from storage in liquid nitrogen. Here, we investigated the effects of various cryoprotectants in achieving comparatively high survival rate around 50%.(More)
We investigated the mechanism for the inhibition of fat digestion by chitosan, and the synergistic effect of ascorbate. The important inhibition characteristics of fat digestion by chitosan from observations of the ileal contents were that it dissolved in the stomach and then changed to a gelled form, entrapping fat in the intestine. The synergistic effect(More)
We investigated the effects of continuous and massive intake of chitosan with sodium ascorbate (AsN) on the mineral and the fat-soluble vitamin status in male Sprague-Dawley rats fed on a high-fat diet. The apparent fat digestibility in the chitosan-receiving group was significantly lower than that in the cellulose- or glucosamine-receiving group. Chitosan(More)
Several chitosan preparations, either with a comparable degree of deacetylation but differing viscosity or with comparable viscosity but a differing degree of deacetylation, were examined for their effect on the fecal fat excreted from rats fed on a high-fat diet. As the viscosity or deacetylation degree of a chitosan preparation increased, the more its(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the availability of conventional devices for making single-cell manipulations, determining the hardness of a single cell remains difficult. Here, we consider the cell to be a linear elastic body and apply Young's modulus (modulus of elasticity), which is defined as the ratio of the repulsive force (stress) in response to the applied(More)
In order to increase the value of freshwater algae as raw ingredients for health foods and feed for seawater-based farmed fish, we sought to breed high-chlorophyll halotolerant Chlorella with the objective of generating strains with both high chlorophyll concentrations (≥ 5%) and halotolerance (up to 1% NaCl). We used the Chlorella vulgaris K strain in our(More)
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris, an obligate aerobe and one of the most harmful bacteria in acidic beverages, requires oxygen for growth. However, the relationship between oxygen availability and its growth has not yet been quantified. We examined the correlation between A. acidoterrestris growth and oxygen availability to determine whether A.(More)
BACKGROUND If a fixed stress is applied to the three-dimensional z-axis of a solid material, followed by heating, the amount of thermal expansion increases according to a fixed coefficient of thermal expansion. When expansion is plotted against temperature, the transition temperature at which the physical properties of the material change is at the apex of(More)
We previously developed a method for evaluating the heat resistance of microorganisms by measuring the transition temperature at which the coefficient of linear expansion of a cell changes. Here, we performed heat resistance measurements using a scanning probe microscope with a nano thermal analysis system. The microorganisms studied included six strains of(More)
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