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A water-soluble and stable camptothecin derivative, CPT-11, was found to possess a strong antitumor activity against various murine tumors. In the present study, CPT-11 was tested against ten human gastrointestinal cancer xenograft lines carried by nude mice. CPT-11 was very effective against nine xenograft lines, with the exception of one xenograft. On the(More)
131 colorectal cancers, less than 3 cm in diameter, experienced at Juntendo University Hospital in Oct. 1977 through Dec. 1988 were studied with respect to their radiological and macroscopic features. Macroscopic features of the cancers were classified into type a (a lesion with a long stalk), type b (a subpedunculated or sessile lesion), type c (a(More)
A 71-year-old male, who complicated of abdominal distension, was diagnosed as scirrhous gastric cancer. We treated him with the oral anticancer drug S-1 and achieved long-term stable disease over three years.
Solid tumor treatment was given in our animal laboratory to determine the mechanism of tumor disappearance by direct electric current, and clinical trials were done on 9 far advanced recurrent rectal cancers. Solid tumors of Yoshida sarcoma in Donryu rat were treated by 1 mA of constant direct current for 1 hour a day, for 4 days. The tumors disappeared in(More)
CPT-11-resistant human gastric and colonic xenograft lines were established by direct intratumoral injection of CPT-11 into subcutaneous SC-1-NU and CC-2-NU tumors in nude mice once a week for 10 months. The resistance of these xenograft lines to CPT-11 was confirmed by growth inhibition rate, to be 36.3% and 45.4%, respectively, compared to each parent(More)
The effect of sevoflurane-oxygen anesthesia at surgical depth on clinically important features was evaluated in spontaneously breathing cattle given atropine-guaifenesin-thiopental. The mean end-tidal sevoflurane concentrations ranged from 1.4 to 2.0% for 75 min maintenance. Recovery from anesthesia was extremely rapid and smooth. Heart rate increased and(More)
Targeting chemotherapy to the metastatic lesions of the lymph nodes after surgical removal of the main tumor, a drug delivery system using ultrafine particles of activated charcoal was developed and examined for its ability to adsorb mitomycin C (MMC) and to transport MMC to the lymph system. Satisfactory results were obtained. In animal experiments, serial(More)
A 13-year-old boy had been followed for delayed psychomotor development after convulsions at 1 year of age. An abnormal lesion was found inside his right temporal lobe by MR imaging of the head in December, 1999 (Fig. 1A,B). Nine months later he showed left hemiparesis and convulsion. MR imaging demonstrated sudden enlargement of the lesion (Fig. 1C,D). At(More)
A 25-year-old male was admitted with productive cough and an abnormal shadow on chest X-ray film which showed a cylindrical shadow near the left hilum and consolidation in the markedly hyperlucent left upper lung field. The cylindrical shadow appeared to be located in left S1+2 but bronchographic examination showed independence of the branches of B1+2.(More)